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Mt. Biedeman WSA

Bodie WSA
March 3, 2016

The most prominent geographic landform in this WSA, Mt. Biedeman makes a wonderful Great Basin day hike. With its steep, rugged terrain and brushy surface, the hike may seem discouraging at first, but this jolly, rounded landform is really quite friendly and offers an unmatched view of Mono Lake and the Central Sierra.

Natural Value

In addition to Mt. Biedeman, there are two adjoining mountains in the center of this WSA. There are also numerous canyons, streams, meadows, and aspen groves.

Mule deer fawns prance clumsily in grassy meadows. In their quest for true love, male sage grouse strut their macho display. Clusters of little yellow heads of a rare flower, the Mono County Phacelia, grow in the sandy soils.

Rock Cairn found near Mt Biederman by John Dittli

Cultural Value

Mt. Biedeman WSA is in the ethnographic territory of the Mono Lake Paiute Indian Tribe. The area is used for pinyon nut collection, seed collection, and hunting. There are some obsidian sites in the northern section of this WSA.

In addition, Mt. Biedeman borders Bodie State Park, a park that preserves the ghost town of Bodie. Bodie was a mining town in the late nineteenth century.

Recreational Value

At a modest height of 8,981 ft and overlooking the Mono Basin in the southwestern Bodie Hills, Mt. Biedeman offers a wide variety of camping, hiking and backpacking opportunities. You can summit the peak and explore beautiful views as well as the harri mutiliak, stone cairns built by Basque sheep herders. Learn more about the "Stone Boys" here.

Exploring near Mt. Biedeman WSA by John Dittli

Exploring the wildflowers and lichen at the Mt. Biedeman WSA

How You Can Help!

Help Save America's Treasured Lands

Urge the supervisors to oppose opening the Bodie Hills and other lands in Mono County and around the nation to development and instead vote to protect Mono County’s and America’s real treasures: its natural areas, beauty, wildlife, clean air, clean water, and outdoor recreation opportunities for future generations.

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