Permanent Protection Campaign Update August 2020

Spring Peak Oceana Gold Delays Project
August 7, 2020
Birds and Blossoms Video in Bodie Hills
August 7, 2020

The Conservation partnership continues to focus on achieving permanent protection for the Bodie Hills. EcoFlight recently shot beautiful footage for an updated aerial video. Friends of the Inyo is producing the audio for this piece. The anticipated release date is this fall.

Additionally, Friends of the Inyo will be conducting a land assessment survey in October to professionally document the characteristics of the Bodie Hills that make it appropriate for permanent protection.

Other initiatives include planned outreach to the Bodie Hills State Park to provide rangers with information on the larger Bodie Hills area. We have been told they are frequently asked about the surrounding area, and need updated information and publications to provide. Friends of the Inyo is developing an updated “Visit Bodie Hills” brochure to distribute at locations in the State Park and around Bridgeport.

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