SNARL Lecture: Sage Grouse in Long Valley and Bodie

Clark Canyon: A Water-blessed Canyon
June 28, 2018
Wildflowers of the Eastern Sierra
July 12, 2018

Bi-State Sage Grouse Lekking in the Bodie Hills. Photo by Bob Wick

SNARL (the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory) is a University of Ca research facility and in this video we feature a lecture by Mike Casazza, a Wildlife Biologist who has been working on sage grouse management in eastern CA and western NV since the early 2000’s. The sage grouse in Mono County, CA have been identified as distinct from other populations and labeled the “Bi-State Sage Grouse”. In May 2018, a judge in San Francisco ruled the 2015 the USFWS decision to not list the species as endangered was inappropriate.

Going forward, the USFWS will need to again review whether the bird should be listed. The 2015 decision, in which the USFWS declined to list the bird, relied heavily on the conservation measures discussed in this lecture.

View the Video on Vimeo:
SNARL Lecture: Sage Grouse in Long Valley and Bodie: A New Name and New Management by Mike Casazza, USGS

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