Hardrock Mining

WSA Release Legislation & Mining
October 7, 2010

The Bodie Hills are threatened by hardrock mining. One area in particular, the Bodie WSA in the northeastern Bodie Hills, has been and is the subject of extensive mining interest. Three mineral exploration proposals in the Bodie WSA have been defeated in the past 20 years. Currently, Electrum Ltd., the world’s largest mineral exploration company,  is pursuing exploration in the historical Paramount mine area of the Bodie WSA. The company holds mining claims throughout the WSA. Mining in this region would irrevocably destroy the wild heart of the Bodie Hills landscape and threaten wildlife, water quality and other qualities that make the region so special.

Even though mining companies often promise jobs to surrounding communities, the long-term costs are many. Mining not only harms watersheds and wildlife, it can create unforeseen development pressures and impacts on local communities. Once a mine has lived out its life, these same communities often experience the boom-bust cycle common to mining-dominated economies. We believe there may be alternative options for rural communities that provide long-term economic sustainability and do not irreversibly harm the natural environment.

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