Alternative Break Projects Slated For Summer 2015 in Bodie Hills

Wildflower blooms in the Bodie Hills can be spectacular!
In July 2015, we are planning two week-long projects in the Bodie Hills. These projects are designed for college students. The dates for those projects are July 13-17 and July 20-24. We are open to hosting a group in August if there is interest and availability during that time. 


The Bodie Hills are located in Mono County, California on the edge of the Eastern Sierra and the SW corner of the Great Basin.  This is 45 minutes northeast of Yosemite National Park. Approximately 188,000 acres of public lands are found in the Bodie Hills. These lands are managed by the BLM and the Forest Service. The projects will focus primarily on BLM lands in Sagebrush Steppe ecosystems. 


The area is home to pronghorn antelope, mule deer, golden eagle, black bear, mountain lion and sage-grouse. The Bi-State population of Greater Sage Grouse is found in the Bodie Hills. These birds are currently a candidate for a threatened listing under the Endangered Species Act. The area is also home to significant cultural resources including rock art. Our work will focus on sage-grouse habitat restoration that includes fence removal, invasive plant removal, converting fences to wildlife friendly "let-down" fencing, environmental monitoring, and participation in a yet-to-be-determined citizen science project. 


There is no cost to the students for participation in these stewardship projects. Participants will be camping on public lands during the project. Each student will need to provide a tent, sleeping bag & sleeping pad. Food will be provided, and showers will be available. We can accomodate vegan & vegetarians - with notice. 


There is a significant service-learning component to the project. Participants will learn about sage-grouse management from BLM wildlife specialists. They will also learn how to use a GPS, how to use a map & compass, and how to integrate GPS data into a GIS database.  At the conclusion of the week-long project, BLM & Bodie Hills staff will work with the students on incorporating this experience into their resume. 


On our off day, there will be an opportunity to explore Yosemite National Park,  the Ansel Adams Wilderness, or the Hoover Wilderness. 


To apply for this opportunity, please email a resume and cover letter to Please indicate which week you would like to participate in. Applicants are eligble to participate in both crews. 



Slate of Free Public Outings Planned for Bodie Hills this Summer & Fall

Volunteers are also sought for stewardship projects in Aug & Sept

Bridgeport, CA, July 8, 2014:  The Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership is planning to lead a series of public outings and stewardship projects this summer and fall on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the Bodie Hills. The outings vary in length and difficulty and are free and open to the public. Space is limited, and pre-registration is required.

The summer series will kick off on July 12 with an outing to the Dry Lakes Plateau led by BLM Archaeologist Greg Haverstock.  There, participants will explore the unique sagebrush ecosystem and dry lakes beneath Beauty Peak, and learn about the rich cultural history of the area. Specifically, the use of this area during episodes of mid-Holocene drought will be discussed. The distribution of obsidian from both the Bodies Hills and Mt. Hicks will be detailed. The outing will include visits to several prehistoric sites in addition to two historic sites that detail the use of the area by Basque sheepherders. Registration is required and space is limited. The outing will involve 2-3 miles of walking. Four wheel drive vehicles are required to access this area. For more information or to register please contact Jeff Hunter at or 423-322-7866.

Additional outings planned for 2014 are as follows;

•     Saturday July 19:  4~ mile hike in Monoville (Rattlesnake Gulch). Rated: Moderately Strenuous.

•     Sunday Aug 10:  Bodie Mountain & Potato Peak Hike with optional summit of Potato Peak. Rated: Very Strenuous

•     Saturday Aug 30:   8~ mile Dry Lakes Plateau hike (cross country – no trail) with optional Beauty Peak summit. Rated: Very Strenuous

•     Saturday Sept 13: Obsidian Quarry tour with BLM Archaeologist Greg Haverstock. Rated Easy.

•     Saturday October 25:  4-mile hike to summit of Mt. Biederman. Rated: Moderately Strenuous.


In addition to the above listed outings, volunteers are also sought for two stewardship projects planned for August 16 and September 27.

•    Sat/Sun Aug 16-17:   Stewardship project involving fence work, with optional overnight camp and hike on Sunday morning.

•    Sat Sept 27:  National Public Lands Day stewardship project. Project yet to be determined, but it will be fun!

According to Jeff Hunter of the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership, “We’re looking for volunteers to assist with projects that will enhance wildlife habitat and the visitor experience in the Bodie Hills. Volunteering is a great way to discover the Bodie Hills and leave a positive, lasting impact on this treasured landscape.” The August 16 project is being held in partnership with Friends of the Inyo and the BLM and will involve converting a barb wire fence to a wildlife friendly “let-down” fence. Some additional fence work is also planned during the day. An optional overnight campout will be held after the August 16 project, followed by a hike the following morning.

The September 27 project will be held on National Public Lands Day.  The scope of that project is still being identified at press time.

For more info about joining these outings and volunteer projects, please contact Jeff Hunter at or 423-322-7866, or visit




Mono County Supervisors Take No Action

Conservation has prevailed once more in Bridgeport! On August 2nd, 2011, the Mono Board decided not to support a resolution for Bodie Wilderness Study Area Release nor an endorsement for H.R. 1581. Thousands of letters and petition signatures over the last year have sent a strong message to the Board stating that the Bodie Hills are a special place worthy of protection, and inappropriate for industrial land use and development.

The threat of mining is still imminent in the Bodie Hills, however; a broader discussion involving all the stakeholders of the region is still needed to developed a shared vision for the Bodie Hills. You can still send a message, advocating for preservation, to the elected officials of Mono County and Congress here.


WSA Threat is heightened!

In September, Congressman Buck McKeon introduced legislation to release the Bodie Wilderness Study Area. This unexpected legislation caught Mono County's local leaders off guard--they voted to take no action on a resolution to support H.R. 6129, the (misleadingly named) "Mono County Economic Development Act."

Tell McKeon and other Congressional lawmakers that you oppose this bill and that you support protecting the Bodie Hills.


National Monument?

The Bodie Hills were included in a list of potential National Monuments "leaked" from the Dept. of the Interior to Fox News last spring. The result of the leak was some great media coverage for this little-known place!

In August the Los Angeles Times published a travel story about the Bodie Hills and other potential monuments, including this video. also featured a story on the Bodie Hills and the monument list.


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