Volunteer at Bodie State Park with the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership

Join us August 5th 2017 at Bodie State Historic Park to help us steward these amazing public lands and spend a day in the Bodie Hills.  We will help care for this unique and special place by removing unnecessary fences that disrupt wildlife movement.  Please wear work appropriate clothing including long pants, hat, and closed toed shoes.  Tools and gloves will be provided.  

Volunteers will get a light breakfast, lunch, raffle prizes and a free entrance day to the park along with a free interpretive tour after lunch.  

Meet at the Red Barn at Bodie State Historic Park at 8:30 am on Saturday August 5th.

For more information email: info@friendsoftheinyo.org or april@bodiehills.org   (760) 873-6500







We are pleased to announce April Sall's arrival to our conservation efforts in the Bodie Hills.

After completing a degree in Biology from Humboldt State University, April began working for the NPS at Joshua Tree National Park and Point Reyes National Seashore in the Resource Mgmt and Fire depts. She then took the position of Preserve Manager for both Pioneertown Mountains and Mission Creek Preserves for The Wildlands Conservancy (TWC), which owns and manages over 150,000 acres in the state and provides free outdoor education. In 2007, April took on the role of Conservation Director for TWC, working with staff and other local, state, and federal entities to advocate for additional conservation designations and responsible energy development in the California Desert and TWC’s expansion into Northern Ca.

April was the lead for TWC on the California Desert Protection Act of 2010, 2011, and 2014, introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein.  In 2015 she left TWC after 10+ years and was a consultant for conservation efforts to protect the California desert resulting in three new National Monuments: Sand to Snow, Mojave Trails, and Castle Mountains.

April has served on the BLM’s California Desert District Advisory Council as the Public at Large representative for 6 years and was elected Chair, and is still the Chair of the California Desert Coalition.  She sits on other boards and open space and conservation committees.   April is an avid hiker and enjoys outdoor recreation and exploration. 

April brings a great wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership and we are thrilled about her joining the team!



Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership Open House May 2


Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership opens new office in Bridgeport, CA

Open House ceremony on May 2, 2015; public and press invited

BRIDGEPORT, Calif. – The Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership (BHCP), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting habitat, scenic, and historic values in the Bodie Hills and promoting sustainable economic growth in the region, has moved its headquarters to the Town of Bridgeport in northern Mono County, California.


The Partnership will host an Open House to celebrate its new offices on Saturday, May 2, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Public officials, media, and area residents are invited to attend to learn more about the mission of the BHCP and how designating the Bodie Hills as a national monument will permanently protect wildlife, traditional recreational uses, and ranching in the area as well as air and water quality and the scenic backdrop for the Bridgeport Valley.


WHO:                Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership - Jeff Hunter, Director


WHAT:              Open House to celebrate new headquarters


WHEN:              SATURDAY MAY 2, 2015 – 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

WHERE:             158 Kingsley Street, Suite #1, Bridgeport, CA  (corner S. Sinclair)

WHY:                    The BHCP is committed to protecting the extraordinary natural, scenic, and historic qualities of the Bodies and promoting the year-round recreational opportunities of these public lands. Because the BHCP emphasizes collaborative strategies and partnerships to achieve its mission, it makes sense for the Partnership to operate from Bridgeport, gateway to the Bodie Hills, the county seat, and the heart of northern Mono County (motto: Wild by Nature).


The Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership (www.bodiehills.org) was formed in 2011 to protect and publicize the unique recreational, scenic, and habitat values of the Bodie Hills. Our vision for the Bodie Hills embraces Triple Bottom Line principles and the three P’s: People, Profit & Planet. The Partnership works to ensure that sustainable traditional uses of the Bodies such as grazing, hunting, off-highway vehicle use, mountain biking, snowmobiling and other snow sports, and wildlife watching are conserved; to better manage the land for at-risk species such as the bi-state sage grouse; to grow tourism and recreational visitation to this remarkable area; and to help deliver sustainable economic growth for local communities.



Letter to Editor: The Bodie Hills

The following LTE appears in the January 1, 2015 editon of the Mammoth Times.

To the Editor,

 The Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership was formed in 2011 to protect and publicize the unique recreational, scenic, and habitat values of the Bodie Hills. Our vision for the Bodie Hills embraces Triple Bottom Line principles, which emphasize the three P’s: People, Profit & Planet.  Thus we are working to ensure that sustainable traditional uses of the Bodies, such as grazing, hunting and fishing, off-highway vehicle use, mountain biking, snowmobiling and other snow sports, and wildlife watching are conserved, that we expand tourism and recreational visitation to this remarkable area, and that local communities benefit from this visitation.

The Partnership is also helping to address the challenge of managing the Bodies for sage grouse. In 2014, more than 50 volunteers organized by the Partnership contributed nearly 300 volunteer hours restoring sage-grouse habitat and improving the visitor experience in and around the Bodie Hills. This includes a cleanup of the old shooting range at the Travertine Hot Springs (May 22), the removal of a 2-mile section of electric fence from along Bodie Creek (Aug 16), the removal of a half-mile section of barbed wire fence and the removal of hazardous fuels from in and around Bodie State Historic Park (Sept 27), planting of 400 sagebrush & bitterbrush plants in the footprint of the Indian Fire (Oct 18), and helping to plant 4000 sagebrush plants in the footprint of the Spring Peak fire (Nov 15).  We are grateful for all of our volunteers and partners who made this work possible.

Another highlight of a very productive year is our recent opening of an office in Bridgeport. We look forward to becoming more active in this community, working with local residents and businesses to promote visitation to this area and the public lands that we are blessed to have around us.

As 2014 ebbs, we’re looking forward to a productive 2015. We hope to double our volunteer numbers in the coming year, enabling us to do more work in the Bodies to restore and sustain the good habitat there for sage-grouse, mule deer and pronghorn antelope (among other critters). As they say, “What’s good for the bird, is good for the herd.” We also look forward to continuing the conversation with Mono County residents and officials about how we can best protect, enjoy, and profit from the Bodie Hills.

We’ll be staffing our Bridgeport office 2 days a week until later this spring, when we will expand our hours to 3 days a week. If you see the American flag flying outside our office at 158 Kingsley Street – Suite #1, please come in for some coffee and conversation.  Alternatively, you can call me at 760-935-3960 and schedule a meeting.

Happy New Year! 

Jeff Hunter


Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership



Alternative Break Projects Slated For Summer 2015 in Bodie Hills

Wildflower blooms in the Bodie Hills can be spectacular!
In July 2015, we are planning two week-long projects in the Bodie Hills. These projects are designed for college students. The dates for those projects are July 13-17 and July 20-24. We are open to hosting a group in August if there is interest and availability during that time. 


The Bodie Hills are located in Mono County, California on the edge of the Eastern Sierra and the SW corner of the Great Basin.  This is 45 minutes northeast of Yosemite National Park. Approximately 188,000 acres of public lands are found in the Bodie Hills. These lands are managed by the BLM and the Forest Service. The projects will focus primarily on BLM lands in Sagebrush Steppe ecosystems. 


The area is home to pronghorn antelope, mule deer, golden eagle, black bear, mountain lion and sage-grouse. The Bi-State population of Greater Sage Grouse is found in the Bodie Hills. These birds are currently a candidate for a threatened listing under the Endangered Species Act. The area is also home to significant cultural resources including rock art. Our work will focus on sage-grouse habitat restoration that includes fence removal, invasive plant removal, converting fences to wildlife friendly "let-down" fencing, environmental monitoring, and participation in a yet-to-be-determined citizen science project. 


There is no cost to the students for participation in these stewardship projects. Participants will be camping on public lands during the project. Each student will need to provide a tent, sleeping bag & sleeping pad. Food will be provided, and showers will be available. We can accomodate vegan & vegetarians - with notice. 


There is a significant service-learning component to the project. Participants will learn about sage-grouse management from BLM wildlife specialists. They will also learn how to use a GPS, how to use a map & compass, and how to integrate GPS data into a GIS database.  At the conclusion of the week-long project, BLM & Bodie Hills staff will work with the students on incorporating this experience into their resume. 


On our off day, there will be an opportunity to explore Yosemite National Park,  the Ansel Adams Wilderness, or the Hoover Wilderness. 


To apply for this opportunity, please email a resume and cover letter to info@bodiehills.org. Please indicate which week you would like to participate in. Applicants are eligble to participate in both crews.