Help Save America's Treasured Lands


The spectacular Bodie Hills are the scenic backdrop for local communities and national treasures, including Bodie State Park, the Mono Lake National Scenic Area and the Bridgeport Valley. 

The very heart of the Bodie Hills faces threats from large-scale gold mining interests if protections are lifted. Visitor access would be limited, and important habitat for sage grouse, pronghorn antelope and mule deer would be fragmented.

Allowing places like the Bodie Hills to be opened up for development such as boom-and-bust gold mining is short-sighted and unwise. Tourism and industrial land use just don’t mix.

How you can Help: Urge the supervisors to oppose opening the Bodie Hills and other lands in Mono County and around the nation to development and instead vote to protect Mono County’s and America’s real treasures:  its natural areas, beauty, wildlife, clean air, clean water, and outdoor recreation opportunities for future generations.




Write a letter to elected officials in Mono County and Congress to let them know how much you care about the Bodie Hills and why they are special to you. Visited lately? Write a short note or make a quick call to let them know that the Bodie Hills are an important place to protect, and that they should not be opened up to industrial land use!

Email or FAX your letter to:

Mono County Board of Supervisors 

P.O. Box 715, Bridgeport, CA  93517     FAX:  (760) 932-5531


More Ways to Help

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  • If you live in Mono County, please also call and email your supervisor letting them know how much you love the Bodie Hills

 (District 1, Central Mammoth):  (760) 924-1806
Fred Stump (District 2, Crowley, Swall Meadows, Tri-Valley):  (760) 924-1783
Tim Alpers (District 3, Lee Vining, June Lake, Western Mammoth):  (760) 937-0385
John Peters (District 4, Bridgeport, Walker/Coleville, Northern Mammoth):  (760) 932-5532
Stacy Corless (District 5, Old Mammoth, Southern Mammoth):  (760) 932-5533

Talk to our Lawmakers

Please join us in our efforts to prevent mining from forever scarring the unique and beautiful landscape of the Bodie Hills. Write Congressman Paul Cook. Please also write California Senators Feinstein and Harris today and ask them to oppose WSA release legislation, and to support special protection for the Bodie Hills.

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