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Saturday July 12, 2014: Archaeology outing to Dry Lakes Plateau

Pronghorn Antelope herd in Dry Lakes Plateau - Photo by John Dittli

Join us on Saturday July 12 for an outing to the Dry Lakes Plateau led by BLM Archaeologist Greg Haverstock.  There, participants will explore the unique sagebrush ecosystem and dry lakes beneath Beauty Peak and learn about the rich cultural history of the area. Specifically, the use of this area during episodes of mid-Holocene drought will be discussed. The distribution of obsidian from both the Bodies Hills and Mt. Hicks will be detailed. The outing will include visits to several prehistoric sites in addition to two historic sites that detail the use of the area by Basque sheepherders. Registration is required and space is limited. The outing will involve 2-3 miles of walking. Four wheel drive vehicles are required to access this area.

For more information or to register please contact Jeff Hunter at info@bodiehills.org or 423-322-7866. The meeting time and location will be provided upon registration.